New book: The Bible, Zionism and Palestine

I am pleased to announce the publication of a new book that I edited: The Bible, Zionism and Palestine: The Bible’s Role in Conflict and Liberation in Israel-Palestine.

The volume grew out of a research and engagement project that I led, which brought together academics, NGOs, and faith leaders to examine the ways in which biblical texts were used by various political and theological ‘stakeholders’ in the so-called Holy Land.

The whole volume can be accessed and read for free at Relegere’s open access platform. A softback, printed copy will also be published shortly, by Relegere Academic Press.



Visiting lectureship at Pacific Theological College


I am writing this blog from the Pacific Theological College in Suva, Fiji, where I will be teaching New Testament studies as a visiting lecturer for the next few weeks. It is a great place to be! I am teaching courses on the canonical gospels, and the Apocalypse of John.

By the way, if you have not checked out my recent article on the future of New Testament studies, feel free to pop over to Relegere and do so.

Lecture at SIIBS next week

I will be giving a lecture at the Sheffield Interdisciplinary Institute for Biblical Studies on Monday 9th Feb, at 2-4pm (more info here). The title of my paper is ‘Was Jesus Sexually Humiliated? Masculinity, Sexuality and Violence in the Gospel of Luke in Postcolonial Feminist Perspective’. The paper is based on work I am doing for a chapter in a forthcoming Postcolonial Feminist ‘Companion’ to the Gospel of Luke. You can read it on my page.

Is Jesus Palestinian? My article in Holy Land Studies

I have a new article out in The Journal Holy Land and Palestine Studies. Here’s the blurb:

This article examines the views of eight prominent Palestinian Christians about Jesus’ relationship to Judaism, and Jesus’ relationship to contemporary Palestinian identity. These questions are explored within the context of two significant political phenomena: the emphasis on the Jewishness of Jesus within Western biblical studies and theology in the past four decades, and the prevalence of defamatory accusations of anti-Semitism against Palestinian Christians by their critics. This study offers a unique perspective on the question of the identity of the figure of Jesus within the context of the Palestine/Israel conflict, and demonstrates the geopolitical significance of the question of Jesus’ relationship with Judaism for both Christians and Jews.

Radical Interpretations of the Bible: Call for Papers

via Robert Myles.

A low cost (i.e. free) full day academic seminar in Sheffield, UK on radical interpretations of the Bible utilising the latest methods in biblical interpretation, like critical theory, Marxist exegesis, anarchist exegesis, radical reception theory and other ideological and political readings.

Date: 8th January 2015
Venue: TBC, Sheffield

To take part, send a paper title and brief abstract to Dr Robert Myles at (Deadline: 8th December 2014)

For more information please contact:
Prof James Crossley (
Dr Michael Sandford (

A Big Month for British Biblical Studies

It is a big month for Biblical Studies in the UK! September has already seen the British New Testament Conference in Manchester (see my analysis here, and a Twitter highlights here), and the Bible, Critical Theory, and Reception Seminar in Bristol (photos here and here).

Kid Acne seems to draw a lot of semi-naked women, often wearing crosses.

And next week is going to be an especially busy one. As part of Sheffield’s Festival of the Mind, on Monday (22) Dr Katie Edwards will be teaming up with Sheffield artist Kid Acne to explore the Bible in street art. On Thursday (25), will be a research day on ‘the Bible in Southern Africa and the UK’ at the University of Leeds (25). This is followed the next day in Sheffield by lectures from Profs Musa Dube and Nancy Tan, and wrapped up with the Hidden Perspectives’ Garden of Eden: Bible Burlesque that night!

And that’s not all… Exciting times will be spilling over into October with Dr Robert Myles presenting on The Next Big Thing In Biblical Studies at the Sheffield Institute for Inter-Disciplinary Biblical Studies on the 13th. That same day, as part of Sheffield’s Off the Shelf Festival, Dr Katie Edwards and Rev Dr Robert Marshall debating ‘Bad times for the Good book?’, and Prof James Crossley talking about his new book Harnessing Chaos on the 23rd at the Showroom Workstation.

So much bible, so much fun!

Bible, Critical Theory and Reception Seminar 2014

Bible, Critical Theory and Reception Seminar 2014

The Bible, Critical Theory and Reception Seminar, my favourite mini-conference of the year, is coming up in Bristol this September – full details here. I will be submitting a paper which looks at the phenomenally popular spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle, his interpretation of the New Testament, and whether or not his teachings under-gird neoliberal hegemony…

New Book: Poverty, Wealth, and Empire

Poverty, Wealth, and Empire: Jesus and Postcolonial CriticismAbout three months before I started this blog, a revised version of my thesis was published by Sheffield Phoenix Press. I am honoured to have the work out with such a historically important publishing company in the field of biblical studies, and a company who publish some of the most interesting stuff out there. You can order the book through their website, and a load of other places on the internet. I’m still not sure of the best way to summarise what the book is about. To people who don’t know anything about the field, I sometimes say that it’s about liberation theology. That gets a better reaction than when I tell people that it’s largely about Jesus’ condemnation of the rich. To people who know a little about biblical studies, I say that it’s about postcolonial perspectives on poverty, wealth, and empire in the gospels. I also discuss how I see topics as broad as the Rastafari movement, Palestinian liberation theology, and the theory of active nonviolence relate to the figure of Jesus. I’m looking forward to hopefully getting to some responses and reviews in the coming months, and seeing what people make of it!